Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you found your way here! This is the place where I share my passion for photography as well as my love for food, home decor and everything in between!

I've always had a strong desire to create  and I fell in love with photography the moment I received my first camera years ago. Growing up in a small town definitely taught me to make my own fun , get creative  and to truly appreciate everything for what it is!


A few things I love and enjoy:

 All things vintage , Hand written letters ( what ever happened to those!?)  long walks and positive vibes ,Sunsets and the beach. The sound of rain on a tin roof, over sized sweaters.Tacos are life ... just sayin , family and friends! oh and  I can't forget  .... my camera! 


On a more personal level i've really been  taking the  time to do the things I love and learning to live in the moment. I've been focusing my energy on the things and people that truly matter . I Honestly believe that there is more to life than just paying bills, waiting for Friday  and waiting for summer vacation!..... so stop waiting and make life happen ! go after your dreams and do MORE of what makes you HAPPY ! 

If you want to work creatively together  or just want to grab a cup of coffee and  chat , don't be shy  send me a message , I would love to hear your story !


life is a journey and I plan on living it the way I've always pictured it ;)