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So I wanted to take some time to share with you a little bit about the girl behind the lens .

I've always been pretty creative , I used to draw and paint a lot when I was younger , don't ask me to draw nowadays, its stick figures or nothing ! but once I received my first camera at a pretty young age ( thanks Mom & Dad!) I instantly loved the way I felt behind the lens and I really started to fall in love with the process of styling a shoot and seeing it all come together from start to finish. I'm really inspired daily but the things that are around me , from something so simple as a cute note book to fresh flowers.

Photography really sets my soul on fire , whenever I'm photographing its almost as if everything else around me disappears and I am so focused on what I am doing... no pun intended !

I have a pretty sweet vintage camera collection which are very special to me , they were passed down by family members that are no longer with us .I feel so honoured to have inherited them. my favourite one is the one i'm holding in the photo below, it belonged to my nana who I definitely got my creative side from . Although none of my family members were photographers they definitely had a good eye for it ! I love looking back on old photos and seeing my nana with her camera, it makes me smile and part of me can't help but feel like she is with me every time i'm photographing.

even though I fell in love with photography ,I had originally taken interior decorating , hence the love of interior photography and then a few years later I took a home staging course .I am a strong believer in everything happening for a reason so I truly believe that although I am not working in those fields ,both those courses have helped my photography tremendously !

A lot of people ask me why food photography ? Well a big chunk of my childhood revolved around food. My parents love to cook and still do ,they often got my brother and I involved with what they were making , so I guess I just sort of combined two things I love ! Small girl, big appetite, what can I say , it's a miracle I can get through a shoot without eating all the food, I do have SOME self control.....

below are my top three food photography books that have really helped and inspired me over the years

Food Photography from snapshots to great shots by Nicole S. Young was the first one I ever bought , its not only great for styling but the editing tutorials are amazing and easy to follow ! click the picture below to see her most recent books !

I am definitely not an expert however I've really learnt especially in the past year to fail fail fail! it's the only way you will succeed ,so don't hold back, just go for it ,I believe in you !

I always learn something new each time I'm shooting and although I shoot mostly food and interiors , I love all types of photography,especially how you can capture and freeze a moment in time .There is always room to grow personally and creatively and truth be told I probably would have never started this website if it wasn't for my side hustle. In the past year i've been dedicated to changing my life by helping to change other peoples lives, I have always wanted to travel and take pictures of food along the way and possibly create a book so that somewhere down the line my kids may be able to travel to the same places and who knows maybe even eat at some of the same restaurants ! that is just one of many goals and dreams I have ,but to be able to accomplish this ,I need time and money , I always felt like I had one but not the other. I was introduced to an amazing opportunity and I started remembering all the goals I had once set for myself before I became uninspired , so If you are looking for a better way ,a way to escape the daily grind and be in business for yourself, have more time to spend with the kids , more time to focus on a passion you have , more time and money to travel , maybe you want to help retire your parents ,whatever it may be ,check out this video and if any of it speaks to you send me a message and I would love to chat , It really lit a fire under me to do more of the things I love and to focus my energy on the people and the things that truly matter. Don't wait till it's too late to truly start living.

Don't forget to do more of what makes you happy ,Wishing everyone a wonderful day !



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